Land Reform Unit: Indigenous Land Trust and Corporation Support

Balkanu's National Parks and State Land Reform Unit provides direct support to improve the capacity, governance and services of Indigenous Land Trusts and Corporations for properties handed back under the land tenure reform program. 

Significant support has been provided to develop culturally appropriate rules that govern how a corporation should be run (Corporation Rule book).  This includes but is not limited to how corporation directors can be elected and how and who can speak for their country (decision making protocols).  

Considerable support has been provided to corporation directors, land trust executive members and employees that manage business meetings and on country field trips, record keeping and financial reporting.  

Services such as contract fencing and weed control by on-country ranger groups has been advocated and supported by Balkanu to maximise the economic returns for Indigenous corporations and land trusts, whilst ensuring development of land management skills.


Above:  Seven National Parks Dealing Traditional Owners in May 2013, are supported by Balkanu's National Parks and State Land Reform Unit to form two new corporations, Buubu Gujin Aboriginal Corporation (BGAC) and Cape Melville, Flinders and Howick Islands Aboriginal Corporation (CMF & HIAC) that willbecome the land owning entities.


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