Land Reform Unit: Advancing Policy and Developing Legal Tools

Balkanu has put a great deal of effort to assist Aboriginal Traditional Landowners in developing legal tools that advance policy to improve the business environment for Indigenous land trusts and corporations.  Recent examples include:

  • Cattle: Balkanus National Parks and State Land Reform Unit provide advice to indigenous landowners concerning their rights in relation to cleanskin cattle along with assistance in establishing viable cattle operations on Aboriginal freehold lands.
  • Agreements for gravel extraction:   We have been representing Indigenous landowners in negotiations with road maintenance authorities to secure royalty payments and appropriate cultural heritage protections in relation to supply of gravel for road maintenance purposes.  Additionally, Balkanu advocate for opportunities for indigenous people to participate economically in the road maintenance and construction industry, over and above the sale of quarry materials.
  • Agreement for Aboriginal owners of national parks (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal land) to benefit from carbon projects:  Balkanu have been supporting indigenous landowners in securing agreement with Government authorities for Aboriginal landowners of NP (CYPAL) to claim carbon credits for early season savannah burning projects on NP (CYPAL).
  • Occupancy agreements:  Balkanu assists indigenous landowners in negotiations of their potential tenants, caretakers or other occupants and drafting and implementing suitable legal agreements.