Land Reform Unit: Economic, Social and Cultural Benefits

Balkanus National Parks and State Land Reform Unit has ensured increased ownership of Cape York Traditional Lands by Indigenous people and continue to provide a platform for improved economic and social benefits within the Indigenous communities of Cape York. Our support included

  • Caring for our Country programs – Balkanu partners with the Australian Government to deliver the Caring for our Country initiative. Traditional Owners, with land handed back to them for management, can access Caring for our Country funds to assist in developing a business approach to management of natural resources on their land, acquire necessary skills and knowledge for sustainable investment and accountability.
  • Working on Country programs – The Australian Government Working on Country program recognises that protecting and conserving the environment is a shared responsibility and Balkanu facilitates the running of these programs that build on Indigenous traditional knowledge to protect and manage land and sea country.
  • Indigenous Land Trust and Corporation Rangers – Across Cape York, Indigenous rangers provide indigenous knowledge and trained experience to management of their traditional lands. These rangers typically conduct land management and biodiversity services such as fencing, weed control, feral animal control, burning, environmental data collection, tourism management to name but a few.

Pic_2_-_Wakooka_RangersWakooka Rangers are supported by Balkanu’s National Parks and State Lands Reform Unit in obtaining land management skills suck as weed control and fencing during an on country training program in May 2013