Our Aims & Objectives


Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cape York Corporation Pty Ltd (trustee for Cape York Aboriginal Charitable Trust) which has an all Aboriginal board of directors representing the Cape York communities of Hopevale, Cooktown, Wujal Wujal, Laura, Coen, Lockhart River, Injinoo, Umajico, New Mapoon, Kaurareg, Old Mapoon, Napranum, Aurukun, Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama.



The main objective of the organisation is to provide assistance to the Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islanders of the Cape York region to become self-reliant and independent.

Balkanu carries out its mission by:

  • maximising the opportunities that will enable the Indigenous people of Cape York to live their own culture on their own lands under their own direction in socially sustainable communities;
  • encouraging a diverse range of enterprises which allow the Indigenous people of Cape York to develop their own economic bases and healthy sustainable communities;
  • acting as a forum for Cape York people to discuss initiatives and important issues for Cape York communities in a strategic and effective framework;
  • liaising with Government and other groups that offer support and assistance to Cape York people;
  • developing, on behalf of Cape York people, stronger working ties between all agencies and groups operating in the Cape York region;
  • advocating for reconciliation between the Cape York people and the general community including a respect for the cultures, rights and traditions of all groups;
  • offering educational opportunities for the people of Cape York to advance their learning, knowledge education and ability to provide adequately for themselves and their families;
  • helping Cape York people with the creation of commercial undertakings with the objective of providing long term viable income for the communities;
  • generally promoting the social, cultural and economic well being of Cape York communities through documentation of Aboriginal culture, history and traditions.

This is achieved through a number of programs run by our Business Units:

Policy and Advocacy

Promotes the interests of the Aboriginal people of Cape York through policy and advocacy of the rights of Traditional Owners that protect their Land as well as preserve their culture and heritage.

Balkanu Finance & Operations

Provides strategic direction to Business Units and manages key relationships with stakeholders. Responsible for corporate governance and of monitoring the business affairs and providing financial and operational support.

Caring for Country Unit

Identifies the establishment of Land and Sea management programs that assist Cape York people to manage and preserve their land, sea and cultural practices. Traditional owners are supported to use their traditional knowledge to look after their country and identify long term goals for conservation of their Land.

Cape York Business Development Unit

Works with the Councils, Land trusts, business and community people in Cape York region, providing business consultation and advisory services. This includes assistance with planning, feasibility analysis, operations, marketing, accounting and strategic development.

Cape York Digital Network

Provides high speed internet services and communications systems in Far North Queensland, offering services to remote Aboriginal communities in Cape York.


Constructs low cost housing and home maintenance and upgrades.

Land Reform