Infrastructure Unit



The Infrastructure Unit has capacity to carry out a range of activities from research and development to project management and implementation. Current projects include:

  • Low Cost Housing (and associated infrastructure)
  • Mossman Gorge Walking Track Development
  • Home Ownership Policy Development

The Infrastructure Unit provides support to Cape York families to achieve environmentally and economically sound housing and infrastructure options which ensure a greater sense of pride in ownership.

Low Cost Housing

Balkanu works closely with Indigenous family groups in Cape York to provide assistance with housing and infrastructure for homelands using a reciprocity service delivery model. The project has built 7 units across Cape York over the past 3 years. Rotary Australia has been a key partner organisation in this project.

Mossman Gorge Walking Track Development

Balkanu is providing technical support to Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku (BBN) to expand its cultural walks business in Mossman Gorge. Balkanu is involved in project management of the new walking tracks development.



Home Ownership Policy Development

A key element of the Cape York Welfare Reform Agenda is to facilitate private home ownership in remote Indigenous communities on Cape York. Balkanu provides expertise and research capacities into the development of policy ideas to enhance home ownership opportunities.

In 2009 Balkanu assisted a Cape York family into home ownership. This is the first privately owned house on Cape York. This work contributed to policy development ideas for home ownership.

Corporate Partners:

  • Rotary Australia
  • Cape York Partnerships Welfare Reform
  • Indigenous Land Corporation